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The Mary Roxburghe Trust plans to create a vibrant visual and performing arts and craft centre at West Horsley Place. Your views are sought.

West Horsley Place is an ancient estate with 300 acres of open land separating the Surrey villages of West Horsley and East Horsley, both of them featuring in the Domesday Book.

The central feature of the estate is the house known as West Horsley Place. Grade I listed, and with eight Grade II listed buildings in its immediate vicinity, all of them now in a very bad state of repair, it is of great historic importance. The estate and house belong now to the Mary Roxburghe Trust, a charity committed to restoring them to health.

From 2017 West Horsley Place will be the home of the renowned Grange Park Opera, previously in Hampshire.



Mary Roxburghe Trust
Mary Roxburghe Trust2 weeks ago
Fancy owning a little piece of West Horsley Place and helping us raise funds towards its restoration? Gorringes 'West Horsley Place Attic Sale' is on 8th January-

Mary Roxburghe Trust
Mary Roxburghe Trust4 weeks ago
Wishing you all a wonderful festive season and happy New Year!

Please note our office will be closed from 2pm on 22nd December until 2nd January.
Mary Roxburghe Trust
Mary Roxburghe Trust4 weeks ago
West Horsley Place Attic Sale to take place at Gorringe's auction house on 8th January announced.

Find out more here- https://westhorsleyplace.org/west-horsley-place-attic-sale-to-take-place-on-8th-january/